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Have you been watching Doxx Island?

Hello again, my dear friends. Welcome to MAN’S WORLD Issue Twelve. I think you know the score by now. You’ve got another stonking issue ahead of you, chock full of informative and amusing essays, interviews, fiction and, of course, those golden MAN’S WORLD memes. But before I get into all that, I have to ask you: Have you been watching Doxx Island?


Doxx Island

Doxx Island, for those who don’t know, is the latest reality show sensation, but with a “dissident right” twist. Ten anonymous Twitter posters and one facephag Italian are forced to spend six weeks on a tropical island, and the last one to get doxxed wins. It’s a simple premise, but it makes for captivating viewing. For what it’s worth, my money’s on Frankie, the Italian contestant, being the doxxer. There’s just something about him that I don’t like. The smell of salami and cheap cigarettes is palpable, and he clearly has so much less to lose than the other contestants. We’ll see.

Anyway, enough about this totally fictional scenario which in no way has any bearing in reality. That’s the wonderful thing about MAN’S WORLD: none of this is actually real, least of all the memes and adverts. There’s no real-life equivalent of cuck manosphere grifter Brian Goldberg, leader of the Seminal Order. Nobody goes to “Cucked Brunches” or uses the “Rebel Sexual Health Alliance” to procure Truvada for himself and his bum-buddies. It’s all just a glorious fantasy. (I swear, your honour!)

This issue sees the return of

the BRONZE AGE PERVERT, with a powerful missive about Javier Milei and so-called “socialist conservatism”. I have two essays, including a scorching Counterblast against untrustworthy Italians (Ed: This seems to be quite a theme, Mr Egg. Wait: why am I talking to myself!?). We have fantastic essays about Greco-Buddhism, Andrew Tate, Yukio Mishima and Descartes. Two art showcases. NOOR BIN LADIN returns to interview JOSH LEKACH… Mucho good stuff.

Before I go:

The new year will bring a totally new way of consuming the magazine. I think you know what that means… Thank you to everyone who has made this possible — including you, dear reader!


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