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If You’re a White American with Less than Two Kids, You’re Racist

Malcolm Collins

If You’re a White American with Less than Two Kids, You’re Racist

Any American under the age of 40 who believes they are going to get their pension or live off their social security is simply bonkers—or, more charitably, they’ve just not run the math. Many pension plans simply assume a larger future workforce will foot the bill, as do most state-social security systems.

From 2010 to 2020, US fertility rates declined by 15.9% and ended the decade at 1.64. That means every 30 years (every generation) we should expect a 40.52% decline in the fertility rate. If this trend continues, for every 100 Americans there will be 27 grand kids and 3.7 great grand kids. Yes, you can find slightly different numbers if you look through different sources but the trend is undeniable at this point—fertility rates are falling fast.

When I bring this up, many people’s instinctive response is to say: “Fertility rates will hit a floor and then stabilize.” After all, that’s what the nerds at the UN’s Population Division keep saying. Isn’t it?

Yes, they do keep saying that. As recently as 2019, a benchmark study by the United Nations Population Division forecast that fertility in Latin American and Caribbean countries would stabilize at an average of around 1.75 children per woman in the latter half of this century. The problem is, less than five years later, all the countries listed in the study, except Mexico, have already dropped below this level. Uruguay, Costa Rica, Chile, Jamaica, and Cuba now have total fertility rates of around 1.3 children per woman—the so-called “ultra-low fertility” threshold that has only been seen in a handful of European and East Asian countries.

In the US, we’re lucky. We get to look around the world at countries further along the road to demographic collapse to see what might be in store for us.

At South Korea’s current fertility rate, for example, even assuming it doesn’t continue to fall, for every 100 Koreans today there will be only 6.4 great-grandchildren. So of course they must have hit a fertility collapse floor by now? Think again. In 2023 their fertility rate fell 11.5% year over year.

Not that long ago, I had an angry progressive reporter tell me demographers agree that you can’t predict fertility rates over the long term and so I’m peddling pseudoscience. Pseudoscience!? Every leading indicator shows this problem is getting worse. Much worse. Not only do we have crashing rates of religiosity among Gen Alpha (a strong leading indicator of fertility rates), but already 45% of Gen Z and Millennials have decided they don’t want kids. To put that in context, if half of Americans decide they don’t want to have kids, the other half will need to have over four kids each just to keep the population stable. My family is on our fourth and people treat us like aliens.

Yes, we are fucked. And no, you’re not going to get that pension. We might not even be able to maintain a functioning economy at this level of population collapse. We just don’t know.

As an American, whenever I bring up rapidly falling fertility rates, the first thing people say is that this can be solved by just taking other nations’ children. Of course, they don’t sound quite so sure when I point out, as I’ve just done, that all of Latin America fell below the replacement-fertility rate back in 2019 by the UN’s own statistics. But the problem is bigger than that. Hispanics as an ethnic group are heading towards extinction much faster than white people. Across Latin America, countries are hitting 1.3 total fertility rate. That means they are close to halving every generation.

If Latin Americans were a species, progressives would be chiding us for hunting them to extinction, but as an ethnic group they’re considered a disposable resource as long as doing so allows progressives to avoid having to raise kids themselves.

It’s at about this point in the argument where progressives point out that some countries in Africa still have high fertility rates, so we can just take their children instead.

This is true. We could make up for the fact that we did not put in the effort to raise our own children by importing people from Africa to support a non-working, majority-white elderly population. Personally, I don’t love the optics of the mass importation of people from Africa to support non-working white people. If this is the anti-racist position on immigration, I dread to think what the racist position looks like.

It gets worse when you consider the logistics. Generally, a country falls below repopulation rate when the average citizen is earning over 5,000 USD a year, so this system of using some countries in Africa as human farms to offset our own short-sightedness will only work if we engage in a foreign policy designed to keep those nations in desperate poverty.

We’ve done this sort of thing before, of course. “But Malcolm, are you really suggesting that the CIA and State Department would deliberately sabotage the economies of developing countries for the benefit of the US?” Once somebody asks that question out loud, it tends to answer itself—at least if they have a functioning brain and some grasp of recent history.

Oh, am I being too harsh? Perhaps you’re thinking that when Africans come to nations like the US, we are improving their lives by bringing them into “a better country”? As we learned from the Progressive freakout about Trump’s claim that we don’t want to be like those “shithole countries” in Africa, I am pretty sure that you just committed a thought crime. To me, it seems obvious that our duty is to empower Africa’s best and brightest to improve their own countries rather than siphon them off to support a non-working white population. But then, what would I know?

Why has no one laid out how racist the “default” plan for plummeting fertility rates is? Because doing so would cause an existential crisis within the Urban Monoculture, our dominant cultural group across the West. The Urban Monoculture controls our media and most of our large institutions—if you live in a city, it controls what you see, hear, and think. It is this cultural value system that the progressive movement represents, while the conservative movement is a diverse alliance of cultures that at this point are just fighting to survive. This alliance is necessary because the Urban Monoculture’s goal is the systemic extermination of all other cultural groups in the world—and it is winning.

It recruits its members by telling them a life well lived is one in which you do whatever makes you happy in the moment and receive affirmation for defining yourself however you please. Putting aside what this lifestyle does to the physical and mental wellbeing of its victims, this lifestyle and its philosophy is terrible at motivating sacrifice and thus yields incredibly low fertility rates. Historically, the urban monoculture has made up for its sterilizing effects on populations by siphoning new recruits from healthy cultural groups nearby, most of which are likely to be far more conservative in orientation. These groups have either been sucked dry or gotten better at defending their children from conversion. As a result, the urban monoculture must now mass import new victims in order to maintain anything close to a stable population.

The problem of course it that immigrants are no longer quite so stupid as to believe the Monoculture’s lies of an America with streets paved with gold just so that it can gain access to their children. After seeing their predecessors’ children castrated and marched through the centres of power in triumphs that put Rome’s to shame, this latest wave of immigrants have learned to tread as carefully as the rest of us living in the imperious shadow of the Urban Monoculture. Heck, the Urban Monoculture barely remembered to remove the word “white” before the word “pride” from these celebrations of the dominant European culture over the cultures it has set about eradicating.

And let’s not kid ourselves, this urban monoculture culture is the modern descendant of European imperialism and holds similar views to its ancestor. It sees those it has not yet “blessed with a civilized world perspective” as savage, deplorable, and backwards. Its adherents believe they are genuinely helping children by erasing their heritage. This is always the case during a campaign of cultural genocide: no one ever wants to see themselves as the bad guy. They are simply eradicating filth, what could be so wrong with that? No one who has ever had this perspective has been judged by history as the villain.

The urban monoculture says you can be whatever you want so long as you agree with the “civilized perspective” on gender, sexuality, morality, our relation to the environment, what the future of our species should be… I guess just about everything of substance. But your grandkids can still wear your “quaint little traditional outfits” to holidays, so there’s a little bit of freedom, I suppose.

None of this was planned, by the way. This is all a product of random cultural evolution. Iterations of the urban monoculture that were better at recruiting more people simply outcompeted those versions that couldn’t keep up. There is no conspiracy. Just large numbers of people repeating the mistakes of our history again and again.

But we don’t have to keep making those mistakes. We get a choice. We can don the mantle of racist imperialism under whatever new name its apologists have given it (“anti-racism”, I think? … subtle) so they don’t have to take responsibility for the inevitable consequences of the indulgent lifestyles they promote. Or we can stand up for what is right and good. We can’t do both.

If you have the courage to stand for true and durable cultural pluralism, we are honored to welcome you into the Pronatalist movement, come join us on our podcast Based Camp.

You’ll be taking a risk, for sure. No dominant group will celebrate those who resist it. Anyone looking to undermine their plans will be framed as evil and bad. It’s not in the interest of those in power for anyone to attempt to change the system. That’s true by definition. But it’s also true, by definition, that a society that can’t reproduce itself is doomed to disappear. The current strategy of parasitising the demographics of healthy neighbours has a shelf life. Vampires are cool and sexy until they make up the majority of a population and have to start draining each other’s blood to survive. While we don’t know who the winner will be yet, the loser of this particular conflict is pre-ordained.

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MAN’S WORLD is now available, for the very first time, as a high-quality printed magazine. Across 200 glorious pages, you’ll find everything that made the digital magazine the sensation that it was – the best essays, the most brilliant new fiction, interviews, art, food, sex, fitness – and so much more.

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