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In Conversation with Owen Shroyer

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In Conversation with Owen Shroyer

Owen Shroyer did nothing wrong. Just like the vast majority of January 6th protesters, including the many who are still rotting in jail as this goes to print. For those paying attention, you know that January 6 was not an insurrection, but an entrapment operation.

The name Owen Shroyer is also unlikely to be new to you. As the main figurehead at InfoWars alongside from Alex Jones, Owen has a large following in his own right. He’s a great interviewer, and I’ve had the pleasure of being on his show multiple times to discuss US politics and the globalist agenda.

Owen has been fighting the good fight relentlessly for many years now, and has caused a lot of grief to the Regime. I caught up with him shortly after his release from jail, where he spent 47 days for daring to exercise the First Amendment, in defense of his right to a free and fair election. Here is his first hand account, and more about this brave young man’s background, exclusively for MAN’S WORLD.

Owen, it’s great to have you back. Let’s get straight into your experience in prison, and how the national security state targeted you in order to make an example out of you. Sadly, there are hundreds more patriots out there being persecuted, and while this didn’t start with the January 6 false flag, this weaponization has increased exponentially since.

Yes it has, and you’re right, I’m not the only one. I really believe I was lucky because I have such a large following on the outside and a large platform that my story will get heard; but my experience inside is not unique to prisoners. Not just the other political prisoners, but anybody. Most prisoners are pretty much forgotten, and they really get mistreated, abused and dehumanized. I believe they had to release me early from the special housing unit, and then from jail altogether, because of all the pressure from the outside. They were getting too much bad publicity over their treatment of me. 99.9% of prisoners don’t get that, but they probably receive a lot of the same treatment I received.

Since getting out I’ve spoken in interviews on how much prison reform we need, on top of justice reform. I’m not sure if this will ever really find its footing inside the conservative movement or the American right. But it’s definitely something that needs to be done. And I think if it was presented the right way, it could. I didn’t really expect to experience it for myself, but certainly when you’re on the inside, you realize how bad it is.

How many days did you spend in jail in total? I saw that they put you in solitary confinement.

47 out of 60. When I first went in, it was a little shocking. I spent the first week in solitary. The first day was for COVID. They call it a quarantine, technically, which was total BS. I didn’t have COVID. I wasn’t sick or anything. The day I got out of that, they put me in what’s called the “special housing unit”, referred to as the SHU. That’s some prison lingo for you. This is where they put people who stab others, get into bloody fights, smuggle contraband in, and violate other prison regulations. They put me in there for a phone call I made, thanking people for the mail, prayers and books they sent me. So it was kind of crazy that I went to prison for my speech, and then I went to the prison inside the prison for my speech! It’s called a shot. It’s basically like getting a demerit or citation, but that’s what it is, you get a shot for some sort of violation and then you end up in SHU. The guy that wrote my shot, pulled me aside signalling down low to come towards him. Let’s just say that it was clear it wasn’t up to him… The order came from higher up. I mean, there’s a couple of names I could guess that did it based off of who’s monitoring me at the top of the DOJ, since all this has gone on.

But yeah, inside prison, it was crazy how many times I heard people say, “Oh, I’m just doing my job”. It’s like, they liked me. They knew I didn’t belong in there and everything else, but they’re just doing their job. So that’s how it goes.

34 prisoners of the D.C. Gulag actually wrote to the DOJ to be transferred to Guantanamo Bay because conditions were so horrible.

Well, the conditions in there are definitely one level of prison reform that needs to be addressed. And I’m sure the prison I was in wasn’t even the worst. I could give you some examples, like black mold in all the showers, rusty facilities. The lockers they give you are all rusty. I actually accidentally cut myself a rusty locker edge. Luckily it didn’t totally break the skin. Otherwise it could have been trouble for me. I had spent 36 hours in the DC jail previously, for something that transpired in January of 2020. You may have seen it when they arrested me for having that piece of tape over my mouth inside the Capitol. That was a direct order that the Capitol police received. And they told me that before I even went into the Capitol that day, they’d been ordered to arrest me on sight. Obviously, I didn’t break any laws, but after I put the tape over my mouth, they came and arrested me. So, I don’t know who gave them that command. I think it was probably Nancy Pelosi.

Anyway, I don’t know if that’s the same place the January 6th prisoners are in currently, but the 36 hours I spent in that D.C. jail downtown, those were probably the most sordid living conditions that I have ever seen in my life. You lay on a metal pan. They don’t even give you a pad so it’s just a metal pan. Cells are tiny. There’s really no room to do anything other than just lay on the metal pan. To call it a roach motel wouldn’t even be fair. It’s more like a roach motel and morgue — everywhere you look there’s hundreds of roaches, either squashed dead or just running around. If you fall asleep and wake up, you’re going to shake ten roaches off of you. There’s no air movement. The light is very old and dim, which is probably better than having it bright, so you can actually sleep.

But I’ve heard the D.C. situation is amongst the worst. I can’t even imagine what the food there is like. The food at my prison was not good, but some of the other prisoners who’ve been through the system and to other prisons said that compared to other prison food, it wasn’t too bad. I don’t know if it was more of a political statement for them to request going to Guantanamo, or if the treatment of prisoners in Guantanamo is actually better and they really wanted to be moved there. But it’s really just bad everywhere. What’s so sad is that a lot of people don’t even belong there. Most even perhaps. There are people that aren’t bad and want to somehow continue to better their life while they’re locked up. They should have the opportunity to do that. And it sounds like the situation they have in that D.C. jail, it’s just impossible. The biggest struggle in these circumstances is not becoming suicidal or not totally losing your faith or your hope in life and humanity. And that’s really a sad situation to be in. It really is.

It’s heartbreaking. I wanted to ask you if you’ve heard of the “psychological training” inflicted on January 6 prisoners. It’s been reported that various materials are given out to them as part of plea deals, to have them renounce their MAGA/America First viewpoints and apologize, that they were wrong on the elections etc. Have you experienced this yourself?

That’s so Orwellian. Completely insane. I didn’t have to deal with any of that. Maybe there was a small hint in my probation process (I’m on probation for a year). The prosecuting attorneys during sentencing insinuated to the judge that because I wasn’t remorseful or regretful, or retracting any of the statements I made about the 2020 election, that somehow meant I needed to go to jail. So that’s just a small taste of it. They’re asking these guys to go against their beliefs, and that’s why it’s so Orwellian. It’s what they might do to you in China, if you’re a Christian and they’ll say, “Tell us you don’t believe in God, tell us Jesus was not a messiah, tell us the Bible is just science fiction” or whatever. Whether it’s about your faith or politics, it’s really a psychological abuse tactic to do that to somebody, especially if they know it’s what they’re being asked to deny is true.

I think if you ask people about 2020, they would tell you they know the election was stolen. But it’s really more about torturing anybody that goes against the establishment narrative. And the fact that they’re doing it to those January 6 guys needs to be a much bigger story. I knew that was going on, but it’s something I hadn’t really thought about until you just brought it up. And it’s really an important aspect of the situation that they’re enduring. Insane.

The psychological warfare aspect of all of this is just horrendous. Especially considering it was a set up. I’m surprised that it took so long for people to talk about January 6th being an inside job. You had brave people like Darren Beattie, Julie Kelly and you guys at Infowars talking about this from the start. But really, it took quite some time for people to come around and denounce this fake narrative that the mainstream media tried to spin on the population.

Well, I think that when we were in the moment, everything was just so heavy. And we were so focused on the 2020 election that we just didn’t really think outside of that realm until some time later. Alex was kind of on it right out of the gates. Because I remember after all of it went down and we’d left the Capitol area that day, we were on the rooftop of this building where we were broadcasting from, and he said, “This is a setup, this is how it’s going to be used to get rid of Trump and stop him from running.” So InfoWars was the leading edge as far as that was concerned. Now people are saying, “Oh, it was a setup, oh, it was this, oh, it was that”. Vivek Ramaswamy has even made that a part of his presidential campaign. But at the time, you were considered off the rails, uncouth, a whack-job, conspiracy theorist, for saying that. Now it’s obvious there was some level of federal involvement, some kind of a setup, some agenda to use that day against Donald Trump, against his supporters, even against our election process, because they’re trying to keep him off the ballot using this as a pretext.

It’s kind of like what happened with September 11th, where people were so afraid to question the official narrative. And it happens with a lot of big events. It’s not as uncouth now to maybe question the official narrative of September 11th or even January 6th, like you’re saying. It’s unfortunate that people are so afraid in those moments to say what they think might be going on, or to go against the official establishment narrative, specifically in the mainstream media. We got to see this with COVID as well of course.

People have been conditioned to view the government as like mommy and daddy. The government would never harm us! But the government overplayed its hand big time with COVID, and more and more people are starting to wake up to the realization that actually the government, at least in its current/hijacked form, is truly the enemy of the people.

Yeah, if you want to talk about naiveté, the most naive thing to believe is that the government would never hurt you or could never turn into your enemy. But I agree, COVID definitely woke a lot of people up to that reality. I mean, for people like you and me, we probably expect the government to lie to us. I’m at the point now where whatever the official narrative from the government or mainstream media, I think it’s probably safer to assume that the opposite is true. Not everybody might be that far along the road as I am, but it really just comes through experience, I think more than anything, and there’s no doubt that COVID was probably the biggest awakening process for a lot of people to see that “Wow, they really will just outright lie to us”.

This is less than a quarter of the full interview with Owen Shroyer, the rest of which can be read in the fully physical MAN’S WORLD Issue 13, available now from

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MAN’S WORLD is now available, for the very first time, as a high-quality printed magazine. Across 200 glorious pages, you’ll find everything that made the digital magazine the sensation that it was – the best essays, the most brilliant new fiction, interviews, art, food, sex, fitness – and so much more.

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