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Support the Bugman Archipelago

As I write this article, the bulk of media attention is currently on Donald Trump inexplicably working to print money for CNN via an expertly crafted standup routine delivered in a townhall format. Trump seemed back to old form but the material was not tremendously inspiring. He sheepishly voiced anti-war opinions and even waffled around a bit about pardoning “some” of the J6 political prisoners. This was well received by the general public. There is only a small fringe of white-collar criminals supporting the war efforts of the money launderers and they happen to overlap with those who care at all about some local yokel wandering away from police escorts and taking a dump in Nancy Pelosi’s office on that fateful January afternoon.

At this point, the media spotlight is directed far away from another Republican candidate for President – Vivek Ramsawamy, whom I will refer to only as “Vivek” from here on out as a mercy to all non-Indian readers. To be clear, this is not a piece about Vivek himself nor an endorsement of his candidacy. This is, however, an endorsement of his rhetoric. While Trump doing a Ron Paul-lite act certainly shifted the Overton window in 2016, this shtick isn’t all that impressive or useful in 2023. There’s no denying Trump’s personal power and potential but the game he is playing is long out of date. Vivek is not sheepishly advocating for peace. He is not whining about media hypocrisy. These are passive tactics. Vivek is talking about doing things. Things like using the military to destroy drug cartels. Things like raising the voting age to 25 and making voters pass civics tests. In short, Vivek is edging the Republican party closer to active participation in politics.

This move towards participation is important because society is about to undergo massive systemic change due to technological advances. What that change will actually look like is not a foregone conclusion. Those who sit on the sidelines or refuse to adapt will be victimized. We’re all in the game now, like it or not. Vision and imagination are more valuable than practicality at this type of inflection point. This coming inevitable change is the basis for my vision of the Bugman Archipelago.


The Bugman Question


Geography and people. These factors are current problems and potential future solutions. Millions upon millions of people desperately want socialism. This isn’t going away. Accept it. A short story published in Man’s World titled The Minnetonka Safe Haven Project offers a metaphor regarding job interviews that I believe is directly applicable to this situation:


“Aiden reminded himself that an interview was like golf and that you played the territory, not the competition.”


For the past century, conservatives have been positioned in front of a large tree in the middle of the political fairway. Rather than chipping their golf ball around it they’ve been blasting full swings straight ahead in hopes the ball will eventually cut down the tree. It has never made a dent. It always comes right back and smacks them in the face. The “territory” that this tree represents are the bugmen. These people are not so much “socialists” as they are simply beings devoid of… something. Certain demographics seem to be at higher risk for becoming bugmen, such as young people whose brains have not fully-formed. Still, it is difficult to pin-point an exact cause and the condition may very well be contagious.

Whatever it is they are missing, the result of this deficit is a mass of humanity that is easily manipulated into mob violence by shallow political rhetoric. This isn’t to say the bugmen don’t have genuine grievances: they may even have the most genuine grievances. However, they don’t act upon these grievances. Ever. They act only upon bullshit. Vague promises of “liberation” are an excellent example of bullshit rhetoric and this term is currently in trend with the bugmen. No, the term “liberation” is never defined nor do bugmen seek a definition from their handlers. Words like these speak to base feelings and have become reliable programming cues.

Those who pull the strings of the bug people know they won’t be interrogated by bugmen so long as they lead through the manipulation of emotional hotspots. When Yuval Noah Harari speaks about AI “hacking” humanity, he isn’t referring to some supercomputer delving into every individual’s psyche and driving them like a car. He is talking about corporations using social media to emotionally trigger a relatively small number of bugmen into acting as a violent swarm that terrorizes society on-command.

The bug people should not be hated, but they do represent an imminent threat to society. A problem which cannot be ignored and will only grow bigger as technology leads to the collapse of human labor-based economies. How can the bugman problem be approached strategically? I propose it should be approached the same way it is currently being approached by leftists – with promises of “free” material wealth paid for by political opposition. This brings us back to geography and people.

Where do the bugmen overwhelmingly reside? In the cities. What purpose do cities really serve in a world with instantaneous digital connection? The reality is that cities are a dated civilizational structure. Or rather, they can become a dated civilizational structure. The CCP system, which is unquestionably what the WEF and friends are seeking to implement in the West, is being rapidly implemented and the driving force of this takeover is bugman mobs being used to generate a false image of popular support. The strategy to deal with this problem should not rest upon somehow achieving a total eradication of these people and the corporations callously using them. That is wildly unrealistic and even the rhetoric offers no real-world benefit. The strategy to deal with corporately funded mob violence should first focus on containment.

A containment strategy offers a myriad of benefits that go far beyond simply containing a hostile force. Offering city-based socialism (CBS) to the bug people could work to contain the corporations championing global authoritarianism. The most important thing to keep in mind about bug people is that they are not consciously aware of much of anything. They respond to offers of material wealth and identity conflict instigation. That is all. The CBS offer suddenly puts their dearest dreams within reach. The list of corporate entities with seemingly unlimited wealth that have shown open support for bug mobs is a mile long. Let them be taxed to support and pacify them.

Although the cities are a source of strength for these authoritarian corporations, they are also a potential lever of weakness. They have infrastructure tied to these cities. Recognizing a network of 300 cities as semi-separate governing entities can funnel the bugmen into the la-la-lands they dream of while simultaneously forcing their owners to invest heavily in human capital whose original intended purpose was primarily to agitate & terrorize political opponents. Perhaps more importantly, it may also force a societal recognition of the laws of physics. The cities would inevitably secure borders to stop the flow of immigration due to the reality of resource-allocation limitations. This is exactly what happened with “CHAZ” in Seattle. This could eventually help to end the tyranny of the open border human trafficking regime. A potential welcome relief to all the nations of the Western hemisphere.

Some may protest the idea of turning cities into what basically amount to communism zones. However, the current governing structure of cities is far from salvageable and disruption of the model is likely a requirement in order to halt the march of tyranny. The National League of Cities (NLC), comprising some 19,000 cities, is essentially just a front for WEF governance via private-public partnerships and you will be hard pressed to find a city that isn’t a member. The populations of these cities, however, are ignorant of the nature of their governance. Rather than be forced to serve their constituents, the NLC and its liberal partners (NGOs, universities, and major corporations) have begun an effort to more fully conquer surrounding rural peoples through elaborate lawfare schemes aimed at forcing liberal policies onto unwilling victims. Forcing these entities to more transparently reveal their roles in government would be an enormous win.

Many people would indeed flock into the cities if they became zones unambiguously governed by the WEF and its partners. But a significant percentage of the NLC’s members are in conservative areas and would likely either become less controlled by these corporate entities or divorce themselves from them altogether. Sunlight is the best disinfectant, after all.

It is important to also remember that a CBS strategy should be authentically pursued. The bug person issue isn’t going away. In fact, if the WEF gets its way, everyone will become a bug. Zoning is the most humane solution for all. Freedom can exist if those who gravitate to slavery are separated and the opposite is true as well. Many of the leaders of bug people believe, whole-heartedly, that the elimination of individual rights is the path to the “liberation” they speak of but cannot coherently define. The famous WEF “You’ll Own Nothing and Be Happy” quote that is often thrown around actually came from an essay which envisioned a future with zones similar to what I am describing. The author imagined herself happy with her life as a bug being run by AI, and pitied outsiders living as human beings with personal autonomy. This isn’t so much a political matter in the sense that the problem is “socialism” or “capitalism” but rather a fundamental difference in perspective regarding human dignity.

Acknowledging this fundamental difference in perspective is vitally important. While the upper levels of the WEF and its collaborators may safely be written off as completely disingenuous actors with horrific intentions, there are undoubtedly true believers who fill the ranks of these corporations and support varying levels of socialism. In fact, pretty much everyone supports some kind of socialism in some areas of life. This should not be discounted and people do have the right to government representation. The term bugman vividly communicates a psychological profile but these people are people and they want what they want even if it is extremely ill-advised. Give it to them. Hell, it may even work for everyone, so long as it is zoned properly.

The cities are now filled with empty office space due to the rise of remote work. The same types of technological advances that led to this phenomenon are also leading to a future with masses of jobless human beings. Who owns these increasingly empty buildings? The same institutions and investors who own the bugmen through philanthropic enterprises. The pieces to the bugman puzzle are hiding in plain sight, they just need to be put together. There is no reason to tie society to existing cities that are a lost cause. New buildings can be built. People can move. Possibilities for the future need not depend upon reforming decades of corruption tied to physical locations.


The Great Vibe Shift


Perhaps the most important part of the Bugman Archipelago concept is the broader impact it can have by contributing to a more appropriate type of political rhetoric. The American Left has no problem pushing their rhetoric to the most absurd extremes possible, up to and including the abolition of the concept of families and the open abuse of children. This seemingly unrealistic (at the time) rhetoric eventually led to a transformation of reality. We are now at the point that children are being physically & psychologically abused in a systemic fashion within American institutions. The reason this point has been reached is that there has been no opposing rhetoric in the opposite direction.

The contempt for imagination that has infected conservative politics is just as much a cancer upon humanity as the disease of unrestricted liberalism. It can be argued that liberalism works just fine so long as there is a healthy systemic immune system in place to keep it in check. The American Medical Association did not suddenly become an advocate for removing children’s genitals for cosmetic purposes. The immune system which prevents this type of horrific child abuse first had to be disabled. That process occurred through an ideological virus that convinced a large percentage of Americans that their politics needed to center upon an exercise in madness, a quest to freeze time and not engage with dynamic reality – conservatism.

The result of this virus has been the destruction of the societal immune system. An immune system is not a wall. It doesn’t just allow waves to crash upon it. White blood cells aren’t passive. However, the white blood cells of the American system have been misdirected largely through adaptations in the tactics of warfare. Concepts like lawfare are totally alien to the right-wing. Activism, is a mysterious force that is spoken of with vagueness in right-wing circles. The name “Soros” gets bandied around, but the term “donor-advised fund” may as well be written in Mandarin (ironically).

This cluelessness stems from the disease of conservatism. While the American Left has used the elaborate money laundering system that is philanthropy to unapologetically hire the nation’s best lawyers to radically change society, the American Right has stockpiled guns they are clearly not going to use unless already being fired upon with no option for surrender being available.

This philosophy of surrender has led to the emergence of a form of liberalism that is so overly confident in its incompetent rule that it has gone utterly mad with power. This madness is perhaps best embodied by what appears to be the new guiding declaration of liberal authoritarianism – The Social Determinants of Health (SDOH). This is a declaration that you probably haven’t heard much, if anything, about. Yet, it appears to be the source of what has been termed “Wokeness” and is likely the primary driver of the culture wars you’ve been subjected to for more than a decade.

This declaration, published by the World Health Organization, is very simple. Politics, broadly speaking, affects health outcomes. Therefore, political matters are health matters. Liberal NGOs, universities, activists, and the federal government have run with this premise and have been funding communist revolution-themed activist organizations under the pretense of investing in community health. The specifics of these money-laundering operations aren’t all that complex. They don’t need to be because there is no resistance to them. The “conservatives” in government have allowed the liberals to introduce a legal pathway to directly fund mass political organizing through government channels by reframing “politics” as “health”.

What does this look like in practice? Organizations like Changelab Solutions work with the NLC while also receiving millions of dollars in grants from the CDC. Changelab Solutions also sends money to The Praxis Project, an organization sending money to Community Movement Builders (CMB). You may vaguely recall that organization because it has been in the news recently due to its “Stop Cop City” protests. Yes, this is the “Cop City” police and firefighter training facility under construction in Atlanta that was attacked by antifa in what the Georgia Bureau of Investigation has classified as a domestic terror incident. CMB is one revolutionary-themed nonprofit organization out of possibly thousands that receive funding through fiscal sponsorship. The Praxis Project is not committing any crime because political activities have been framed as health matters and this is supported by the CDC. Changelab Solutions also has the support and funding of the CDC. There is quite a lot more going on in this little circle but the reality is that this is just one little circle and there are certainly many more. However, the foundation of these efforts is quite clear – bugmen.

Really, not even a significant percentage of the bugmen need to be appeased. The violent ones are all that really matter. Most bugmen are just like most people, they watch and support things from the sidelines. They aren’t all that important. There is a foundational layer of bug soldiers in the bugman industrial complex that should simply be pacified with resources.

Better yet, the resources can be sought from the current handlers of the bugmen; although even this doesn’t really matter all that much. Even just re-framing current federal and state expenditures would make the foundational bugmen feel as if they won the lottery. A Liberation UBI and some repurposed office space are all that stands in the way of solving the bugman problem. This isn’t even a novel concept. Native Americans have existed on reservations without causing massive problems for all of society and some tribes have even begun to thrive. The Cherokee Nation can be a model for this type of effort.

The uncontested rule of liberals has led to massive societal problems. Their vision for the future of the nation, and world, is a complete disaster. It is up to this generation of men to start playing the territory and not the opponent. The bugmen, like it or not, are our brothers and sisters. They are absolutely being used and abused within this system. We can do better. They are being instructed to fight for liberation without having any clue what the finish line is supposed to look like. There is an empty space where vision is supposed to be and that is an opportunity. It is up to this generation to break off the shackles of conservatism and make our own way, face reality head-on, and play to win. The geriatrics and HR bugs are not an unbeatable force. We don’t need to protest. We don’t need to beg for money. We need to write a better story about where humanity is going and how it is going to get there. Play that territory and victory is guaranteed.

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MAN’S WORLD is now available, for the very first time, as a high-quality printed magazine. Across 200 glorious pages, you’ll find everything that made the digital magazine the sensation that it was – the best essays, the most brilliant new fiction, interviews, art, food, sex, fitness – and so much more.

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