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The Rise of American Populism: An Extract

Book Extract
Chase Geiser

The Rise of American Populism

It is the very idea of America that the leftists are most afraid of, and that is why they are desperately doing everything possible to quarantine the people from who it is their destiny to become. Of all people in America who dream, it is our youth who dream the most, for they have only the future before them. The leftists know the youth have the greatest potential to save America, and that is why they seek to corrupt them as soon as they take their first steps. The leftist knows that a child who steps into his own cannot be led to the slaughter.

The leftist knows that the long-established political parties can be swayed by the promise of power or riches, and these party leaders are so blinded by their infinite narcissism that the very concept of populism is alien to them. The people will be the ones who must finally awaken them. Just look at both parties and their leaders with their silk hair and smug smiles happily preaching on controlled media the lies they believe Americans to be stupid enough to believe. These party leaders are no threat to any of America’s enemies, let alone the leftist operatives within, because our leaders don’t recognize how advanced the leftist corruption of America is. As a result, they have become the political class themselves. They have become leftists even as they believe they are of the Right. They have become globalists even as they believe they are patriots. Why? Because those who compromise become compromised.

To those who say, “We need to reach across the aisle” or “We need bipartisan support” or “We need more moderates back in leadership,” I say 1,776 times, “No!” What other purpose of this advocacy for moderation that we see from our leaders can there be but to weaken every American and therefore weaken America itself so as to neutralize the last threat to the globalist political class: Americans themselves.

Internationally, we are a humiliated country with a babbling gerontocracy, an economy that is a shadow of its former glory, and a military committed to inclusiveness more than victory. We are no longer seen as a threat, and our enemies are emboldened. Only one thing remains for the globalist political class to achieve global conquest: the assassination of the American spirit, and ultimately the imprisonment, financial ruin, or execution of every American with the audacity to live as a true American. We know this because not long ago the war on terrorism was a war in distant lands, yet now domestic terrorism is deemed the greatest threat to national security—but I see only Americans among us.

Not only are pro-American organizations and their members placed on watchlists by the unchecked fourth branch of government that is the intelligence community but the very same entities that claim that our populist patriots are committing acts of domestic terrorism are the ones who infiltrate and corrupt these honest organizations in order to incite them to violence—namely, the false-flag kidnapping plot of a governor and the “insurrection” on January 6, which was coaxed by undercover operatives of the political class and welcomed with open doors (literally).

Just as the political class has sponsored and executed countless regime changes around the world, as well as civil wars, assassinations, and human rights violations, so they turn their tactics and experience on the American people and incite the American Right and the American Left to riot against both the state and each other, leaving ordinary citizens too afraid to voice their concern or even leave their homes because they believe that if they keep their head down their lives, their homes, and their jobs will be safe. They believe if they stand up to the leftists’ stoking violence in our own communities they will be deplatformed, canceled, and shunned, but the alternative outcome is far more terrifying. The consequences of complacency are far greater than the consequences of looking the enemy in the eyes and saying, “No more.” For if the leftists take the sacred stronghold of America, then the world is lost until the total manifestation of globalism results in its inevitable outcome: total collapse.

We know that the disinformation governance board that was announced the very day of this writing is nothing less than a means to silence all opposition. We know too that no effort to silence every American, even the very last American heroes, will be spared; there will be no accountability for those sworn to hold the enemies of America accountable, for these entities have been compromised themselves. That’s why we as populist patriots, true Americans, make the imperative distinction between America and the United States—between America and the government. When some politician grandstands against us and calls us traitors or insurrectionists, we are, as you should be, unshaken. Our loyalty to America is self-evident in the lives we have lived, the wars many of us have fought in for our country, the jobs we have worked, the taxes we have paid, the Americans we have raised, and the injustices we have, up unto this point, misguidedly tolerated for the sake of maintaining the peace.

Populist patriots are convinced that when this American conflict reaches a climax, Americans—out of love of their country and bitterness for the injustices committed upon her people—will rise up and recognize the enemy among us and say, “Never again.” Then a true American renaissance will rise from the ashes of injustice and establish a greater freedom than has ever existed on this land, a greater prosperity than the earth has ever witnessed, and an unlimited potential to manifest our very fate itself. Many Americans, in the search for the true culprit of our desperation, mistakenly believe that it is their neighbor on the Left who votes for the Democrats or our neighbor on the Right who votes for the Republicans, but I implore you not to alienate your fellow Americans in one word and decry the political class in the same breath. Instead, graciously tolerate the errors of your neighbor, for they know not what they do. If we tolerate the honest mistakes of the American class we will have the whole of America on our side when the real enemy presents itself at our door.

We, populist patriots, who have for years decried the managed destruction of America, have been abused, insulted, slandered, imprisoned, deplatformed, and fired, can never give up, for it will be all in vain if we surrender all that is worth fighting for. Just as our forefathers set sail in one direction, due west, to find America, so now there is one path forward to rediscover her again. We know that there will be much adversity to overcome, and that this war will not be fought in the courts, or in the Senate or in the House of Representatives, or in the West Wing, but in the heart of every American with the will not only to die for his country, but to live for it.

The political class trains their youth to be politically correct, to use delicate words and speak eloquently for hours on end without saying anything at all, but the only way to raise a true American is to be strong in the face of adversity, not overwhelmingly sensitive to it! For when the real adversity falls upon all America, and it inevitably will, there will be no safe space for the vulnerable among us who could otherwise have developed the strength of character to withstand the onslaught and face the enemy with integrity by acting as an American hero would act, and not just to rely on stronger men to rise to the occasion.

If we begin to think freely we discover the truth within ourselves. If we summon the smallest courage to look carefully we can see a glimpse of who we could become. If we stare long enough we cannot look away until that person is manifest, and we arrive at the inevitability that the greatest form of ourselves cannot be completed in a cage. We realize we must destroy the cage built around us. We must reclaim the right to our lives, our liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and only then will we become truly American. Only then, will we be on the path of the American destiny.

Let it be known that the more you shake the chains of bondage the more you will be reviled. The more you rattle the cage the more you will be insulted, ridiculed, abused, beaten down, and humiliated. But rise like the sun. Always. And those who would shackle you won’t even have the strength to look at you, for you will shine with such light that anyone who has a piece of America in their heart will gaze upon you like the star after which America is named, and be drawn to you, as our forefathers were drawn to this country, until all of America is united and her enemies scour the earth for sanctuary, only to find no darkness remains.

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