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Immigration Is the Real Issue

Josiah Lippincott

Immigration Is the Real Issue

Immigration is the real issue.

Build the wall. Deport illegals. Make America great again.

Let me save the America First candidates of the future a boatload of money on consultants. Concentrate on immigration. The GOP’s key to victory is right there. Trump’s 2016 magic hasn’t gone anywhere. The politics of national existence is a winning issue.

The aim of any “heir” to the Trump energy must focus on what got him elected in the first place—Americans want their country back. They don’t want to be displaced by the third world. They don’t want Mexican drug gangs, the opioid crisis, and bad schools. They don’t want ever-skyrocketing housing prices and an ever-growing underclass (or overclass) fed from a steady overseas supply.

That subterranean force in American politics — the sheer instinct for survival — is constantly attacked, rarely defended, but always present. Tap into its energy and the American right has a path to political and electoral relevance.

No “post-Trump conservativism” that refuses to make immigration a central part of its message and platform is worth a damn. What good is it if we bring back jobs from overseas if we don’t keep corporations from importing the overseas workers back to America?

You want law and order? Keep problems out at the border. The Mexican Mafia wouldn’t be a problem if they were only in Mexico. The solution isn’t hard, but it requires force of will. It requires that conservatives act like men. Yes, the left is going to call any defender of a sensible immigration policy a hard-core racist. And? So what? They were always going to do that. It doesn’t matter. Immigration is a winning issue.

Build the wall. Deport illegals. Restrict legal immigration. Raise wages.

GOP, keep it simple.

The “matter” out of which a regime is made is far more important than the form. The Constitution, quite simply, doesn’t matter very much anymore. Democrats openly want to torch it and Republicans are afraid to return to it. It is always easier to grift than to fight, after all.

The Boomer conservative faith in institutional solutions — term limits! Convention of States! Balanced Budget Amendment! — is admirable, if misguided. If only we had the rule of law! But if the last two years of Covid lockdowns and vaccine mandates have proven anything beyond a shadow of a doubt, it’s that there is no institutional support for liberty and national existence. The state is at war with the people. Act accordingly.

The youth movement on the American Right must turn away from the form back to the matter: immigration transforms regimes. Unable to win elections with the American population of pre-1965 America, the radical left decided to simply import a new people. If you can’t win in a democracy, just import a new demos. In 2020, Trump lost every non-white voting bloc but won a majority of white voters. He still lost. If America had its 1965 demographics, Trump would have been elected in a rout.

Americans want their country back. They just want to grill, to be left alone. But that won’t happen unless the left loses its most potent weapon—the sheer numbers at its command. Take away immigration and the woke left is done. The degenerate weirdos and losers that make up the rest of the Democratic Party aren’t enough to truly rule the country, not without a steady flow of human beings from around the world.


There are few things more expensive than cheap labor. But there is still time to turn things around. 2022 will likely be more of the same. The GOP will grift, new names will make some noise (but accomplish little), and the economic and political situation of the country will get more and more toxic. None of this is good, but the situation isn’t hopeless.

The young men that make up the true intellectual vanguard of the Right — the mememakers, pranksters, and brilliant critics on the fringe of the empire — must work to reorient the Right back to the existential politics of who we are as a nation. This is how we win. And we are going to win. The worse things get, the more the nation’s patriotic core will demand real abiding change. The politics of 401ks, tax cuts, and debates about how much foreign aid to send to Israel is dead and gone. The future belongs to the young men of the right.

And make no mistake, we are going to win.

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