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In Conversation with Josh Lekach

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In Conversation with Josh Lekach

WRONG OPINION – out of all the podcasts out there, Josh Lekach has probably found the most apropos title of our times. But not only that: for the past couple of years Josh has consistently delivered some of the best cultural and political commentary through his show. Of course, what Josh professes as observations and advice can only be deemed wrong according to the left, and even the so-called right – when in fact, it is anything but.
I first met Josh online and immediately appreciated his humor, style and attention to detail, down to the font and imagery of his podcast’s thumbnails (really love those vignettes!). As you’ll see in the following pages, Josh’s humility, wit and thoughtfulness are a breath of fresh air in a world saturated with wannabees and grifters.
It was great to speak with Josh again (we’ve been on each other’s podcasts before), and I’m delighted to share our conversation with MAN’S WORLD readers. Josh offers valuable insights on how to navigate the modern world as a man, even writing a book aptly titled The Manual, making him a perfect fit and interviewee for this issue.

Josh, it’s great speaking with you again, this time for MAN’S WORLD. For those who are finding out about you for the first time in these pages, tell us a bit about yourself and your background.

I always answer this type of question by saying “I’m just a normal guy”, not the smartest or savviest, but I don’t care about doxxing myself. Typically, people protect their identity by being anon so they can preserve their corporate jobs. I am the opposite. I’d probably kill myself if I had a normal corporate job, so maybe that’s a defensive mechanism.

Long story short, I grew up in Miami Florida, in a wealthy and (*cue angry groyper sounds*) Jewish family. My brothers and I were well off and pretty much had all the freedom that four boys could have. No curfews etc. I think our parents were just worried if we’d get a girl pregnant and that’s it (laughs). Other than that, we were able to do whatever we wanted. But it’s interesting because throughout my childhood we had that freedom with money and all that, and then around the 2008 crash we kind of lost everything. I never went to college.

Already in the ninth grade I knew I didn’t want to go and decided back then that I wouldn’t. I explained to everyone around me that it was a scam. So I was ahead of my time. While it was the right decision, the thing I didn’t take into consideration was that I had no guidance. And when you’re young, especially as a man, you need to have guidance, a sense of camaraderie and drive. You need all those things. I was kind of wandering aimless, not knowing what to do. So I had a lot of stupid jobs, if you can call them that. I worked for my parents a bit, but when you work for your parents, the rules often don’t apply to you, so you can show up whenever you want and not worry about job security or anything like that. But there are different ways to do it, and I didn’t do it correctly. After that, I was a DJ in South Beach for a while. I only did that because I wanted to meet women (laughs). There were no dating apps back then, no social media, you know?

After that, there was a lot of trial and error working on small businesses until I founded a tech startup called Rep, an influencer marketing app. I raised just over $500,000 to get that off the ground. We were getting a lot of users, but the retention was terrible. The main problem we ran into was the fact that influencers suck and that they’re self-entitled. Everyone thinks that they’re the star and deserve everything for nothing. The actual tech was really good for what we were building with the relatively little money we had. But you need good users for a platform like that to function. All of that was happening right when Trump won in 2016. I was live streaming a lot while Trump was running and when he got into office, I thought I don’t need to tweet about this stuff anymore, mainly because I’m trying to raise money in tech and should just lay low with what I believe politically.

So I retired from Twitter for a few years. After about a year and a half of doing the tech company, it fizzled out, and I was left with, again, nothing. I was working out of a shared workspace in Los Angeles, like WeWork, but nicer. I liked being there because you’re around other driven people. It was probably the camaraderie I was missing when I was younger. I mean, in all honesty, if Trump had been president when I was in my teens, I probably would have joined the military. That would’ve probably been awesome, but I was not going to do that when Bush was president or Obama, because you know what they do… Although it cost about $600 a month, I stayed at the co-working space because I liked the people there. But I didn’t know what to do. So I made a meme account on Instagram called SadWater, and then I figured I’d make memes and write all the jokes. I’ll do it myself, which I did. The account grew to 80,000 or something. I made merch, a Shopify store, and bottled water. My goal was to sell that company to Coca-Cola, the pitch being “If you want Gen Z, this is how you get Gen Z.” I did get interest from Coca-Cola. They put me in touch with an incubation company that they work with, which basically puts us in 7/11, grows the brand, and then Coca-Cola buys it from the incubation company once it’s something substantial. While I was in talks with them, I was also doing the SadWater SadCast, the podcast for the meme account. Again, it had a very young listener base. It was sort of dating help and advice for young kids. Sad Water was anonymous so I was technically an anon, as they didn’t know who was running it.

The show became increasingly political, because the audience kept pressing me with more and more political questions. And that’s when the talks with Coca-Cola and the incubation company kind of fizzled out, no pun intended. While working on SadWater, my wife, who was my girlfriend then (and was only my girlfriend because I stayed at that shared workspace where I met her), encouraged me to put the podcast behind the paywall and change the name to WRONG OPINION. So, continuing to shit post and stay at that shared workspace is why I have a wife and kids. Now, WRONG OPINION has about 500 episodes, which is a lot. That’s a lot of work by myself. I also do a live show of WRONG OPINION on Censored.TV every week on Saturdays. That’s on top of the regular shows and on top of my shit posting on Twitter, which is now a job thanks to Elon. I’m also working on a project in Los Angeles – I can’t say with whom and I can’t say for what, but hopefully you guys find out soon – and that’s been really interesting and beneficial, as it coincides with my obsession with culture and turning the ship around.

I have to say I love the branding of your podact, WRONG OPINION. It’s hand down one of the best out there, aesthetically especially.

Years ago when I started to do the show, I brought in my friend Mike Ma, who has written a few books, Harassment Architecture and Gothic Violence, to make the merch for me. He actually first came up with the name Wrong Opinion and with the branding. He basically gave me the tools to continue on that branding and that theme throughout the show’s existence to this day. So he really only worked on that stuff in the beginning and I’ve been pretty consistent with keeping up with it. But it was important to me that the theme be completely different from what politics and conversative media and punditry is, in general. It seems like everything is a copy and paste of everything else. Everyone copies each other, and not only that, but it’s ugly. And for a whole group of people who talk about the importance of culture, they don’t really know what that means, especially if they don’t care about aesthetics.

It’s kind of reminiscent of how Ronald Reagan thought that the Cold War was about who had more weapons, us or Russia. What was really happening was that the Marxist ideology started to take root in the US and the West, and that was what the Cold War was about. And that was the beginning of the end. I mean, it was happening way before that, but just the fact the president people call one of the greatest presidents in US history, who they glorify for ending the Cold War and fighting the Russians etc, was actually the essence of what is wrong with conservatism in a nutshell – which is completely ignoring culture and thinking it’s about who has more weapons. That’s kind of how it’s been this whole time. Look at boomers – they have the worst taste out of anyone. It has to do with the fact that they grew up during the cultural revolution or whatever you want to call it in the 1960s. That was a turning point. In post World War II America, aesthetics and design, architecture, art, everything started going down the drain. Then the 1960s really sped things up. That’s when we really started to embrace ugliness.

A lot of it has to do with the embracement of LSD and marijuana back then, which were all PSYOPs. If you look at people like Jackson Pollock, they were propped up by the CIA to combat the Russians. So during the Cold War, actually, one of the ways we stuck it to the Russians was by glorifying idiots like Jackson Pollock to show them that traditional art is meaningless in a world of freedom. But freedom at what cost? I mean, if freedom means to abandon what we find beautiful and abandon objective reality, then I don’t think that’s much freedom to be honest. But that’s what was happening back then. To an extent, even older millennials really don’t care about aesthetics and don’t know anything about beauty. If you look at small businesses owned by boomers, they’ll have ads with 10 different kinds of fonts and templates from Windows 95.

Take Turning Point USA or any of these companies. They don’t understand art, beauty, aesthetics, design – and that’s why we’re losing. And that’s because they want to cater exclusively to boomers who don’t know about those things and don’t understand beauty. Another example is Joe Biden banning incandescent light bulbs, which obviously is because everything that’s good for you, they want to ban. LED light bulbs and fluorescent light are terrible, not only for your health, but they make everything look ugly. And you can go into a boomer’s house, it doesn’t matter — it could be a $20 million house — and I will guarantee you that they have white fluorescent lights everywhere because they don’t understand aesthetics. There’s people like me and Raw Egg Nationalist and a few others who care about aesthetics, but we’re fringe. Everyone else, the mainstream people, refuse to acknowledge the importance of it.

That’s funny, I’ve been stocking up on lightbulbs and even bought some from personal ads in Switzerland because they’re hard to find. 100% they are better for your brain and soul. So tell me, what first made you question the state of the world in which we find ourselves today? Do you have a red pill moment?

Witnessing 9/11 when I was in seventh grade started it all. I didn’t believe the official story from day 1, and I still don’t to this day. I was fairly libertarian all my life until I started dating a semi-famous actress in 2014 who was 9 years older than me. She was a massive feminist, and everything she said was completely retarded. I had to take inventory of my “live and let live” worldview. Once I finished suffering dating her for a few years, my transformation to being a full-fledged right winger was complete.

What have you learned from researching and recording your podcast over the past four years, and what is your mission with WRONG OPINION?

The most important thing I have learned is to go with my gut. Ben Shapiro always says, “Facts don’t care about your feelings”, but I disagree immensely. Your gut has nothing to do with conventional facts or reasoning. If something disgusts you on a visceral level, your gut is telling you something is severely wrong. Did I do any research? Did I ask experts? Did I even google it? No. I just know it’s wrong. What you’re feeling is your gut and you’ve inherited your gut. That’s the thing no one talks about: it’s like a spider knows how to spin a web. We have evolved. We’re the offspring of hundreds of thousands of generations before us. And what do you think gets passed down? Not just language, culture and traditions or customs. There is stuff in our DNA that gets passed down, and it’s incalculable. It’s something that’s out of the purview of science. It’s just something that is in our gut. It’s inherent. And that’s actually interesting if you think about it, because our mental health is tied directly to our gut. So “facts don’t care about your feelings” – sorry, Ben Shapiro, that’s wrong!

And, I guess maybe it is factual, but the difference is you don’t have to look things up, listen to experts or rely on people that have higher IQs or are smarter than us, because it’s been passed down. And I think that the way it’s been passed down is possibly by the people who survived and the people who were able to procreate. That’s how we’re here. It’s not a subjective feeling when you see someone acting shady and your gut is telling you to steer clear from this person, that they’re acting crazy or there’s something wrong with them. You just know. Do we have to know how we know? No, we don’t. We just have to remember to listen to our instincts. But everything about today – and this is the brainwash, this is the heart of the brainwashing – everything about today is designed to convince you to ignore your instincts. Not only to ignore your instincts, but to tell you that your instincts are wrong and racist and hurtful and intolerant and bigoted – but it’s just not true.

What I’ve also learned from the podcast and these types of shows, not just mine, is that things can get very repetitive, because everything is cyclical. One month is going to be fixated on race stuff, next month can be purely political because of a witch-hunt with Donald Trump… It can be demoralizing. We don’t do these shows because we think we can change anything, especially on shows that are more niche/with a smaller audience like mine. My goal is to arm people with some basic knowledge of what’s happening so they can apply that knowledge to their own lives in order to prepare… it’s like cultural doomsday prepping – prepping people who are paying attention. Part of the massive demoralization campaign is to make normal people feel crazy and what we try to do is tell them, “You’re not the crazy one, everyone around you is crazy, just keep doing what you’re doing. Protect your family, arm them with the truth, arm them with good morals and good values, and nothing can really bring you down.”

It sounds like reverse social engineering.

Literally everything is a PSYOP, and the only way to reverse it and fight back is within your family unit. The family is the singular most powerful force against the powers that be. That’s why it’s constantly under attack. As a man you should be in control of your family. Make the big decisions (where you live, how your kids are taught and by who, what you eat, etc.).

How do you view the cultural landscape today, especially in the US?

I don’t think there is much of a cultural landscape today. It’s sad where we are, we’re not the center of the world for culture anymore. I did this episode on Barbenheimer after seeing both of the movies on opening weekend, because that was the main cultural phenomenon happening in the US. It was exciting in a sense that we actually had some sort of cultural phenomenon where the whole country, no matter what politics or background, came together and decided “We want to see both of these movies”. Everything has completely fragmented. There’s a million TV shows and streaming services. It’s so fragmented that you can’t go to work on Monday and talk to a coworker about something that everyone watched on Sunday. That world is long gone.

But even that world, was there even really culture then? Was there anything of significance? Maybe a little bit, if you look at how Seinfeld defined the nineties. There were certain movies that were defining as well. What’s a specific thing that is defining now? There’s a really good guy on Twitter, Paul Scala, who talks about stuck culture, refinement culture, how everything now is derivative and repetitive of the past and how we’re not creating anything new. I’m not sure why major studios are relying on the past and nostalgia so heavily, but I have a theory. I think it has to do with the fact that millennials are not having kids and the only good memories they have are the things that they consumed while they were kids, because most likely they’re also products of divorces, which is traumatic. And since they’re not having kids, they have to get their nostalgia fix somehow. The way I get my nostalgia fix is through the eyes of my children. My daughter’s only two months old, but my son, I see what excites him. It could be a bird, the beach, or going down a slide. And all of that is free nostalgia, as opposed to the prepackaged nostalgia that millennials have to buy and consume somehow. They have to get their dopamine hit, and since they’re not having kids, they have to buy it and get their fix in a synthetic manner as opposed to a natural, organic manner.

During the fake pandemic, I was obsessed with watching noir films from the thirties, forties, fifties, even a little bit of the sixties. And what shocked me was how much different our country was back then. People cared how they looked. Although tattered and ripped, even a homeless man was depicted in a suit. The thing is, back then, he was homeless not because he wanted to be by choice – unlike a lot of homeless people today, because they’ve been completely demoralized and know they don’t have a country anymore. So what’s the point? Everyone is just a doomer and a druggie. Look, everyone’s on drugs because it’s a cope. It’s a defense mechanism in a sense of a world gone awry. Having no connection to your country and fellow man. Having zero connection, you need to escape it somehow. It’s not the right thing to do or the right way to handle it, but you have to ask yourself, why are people on drugs? Why are people taking fentanyl? Why are people choosing to be homeless? It’s because we have nothing. It’s gone. And you want to see how gone it is? Go watch any movie from the thirties, forties, fifties, and sixties. That country no longer exists and it’s never, ever gonna come back.

Take Japan. Everyone there takes pride in their work. If you’re a garbage man, your goal is to be the best garbage man to ever exist because you have pride in your work. There are very few places left like that in the world. I’m living in a place that’s the exact opposite of that, Costa Rica. If something breaks, someone will “get to it”, which means sometime in the next two weeks. The world without the white man attitude, the classical European attitude, is not a world that anyone is going want to live in. And the Europeans are the ones who are genociding themselves, which deserves some explanation. But watch any of those movies and you can see a taxi driver or a milkman or whatever, and they’re dressed to the nines. They’re clean, they’re respectful. They’re proud of their jobs. And you might be like, “Well, Josh, those are movies, movies are fake.” To an extent, but they are a reflection of the time. It’s not like they’re science fiction and completely exagerrated. These movies are not entirely different from how it was, from how things worked. And the more you dilute a society and erode what makes a country a country, the less you’re going to have something that makes us great. And that’s where we are now.

So I don’t even think we have a real culture anymore. So when there’s a cultural phenomenon that happens like Barbenheimer, it’s almost a cheap knockoff of what we used to have every day. But it was nice to get a taste of that, and that’s exactly how I feel about Trump. I love Trump, and there’s a reason why he’s so popular. It’s because we’re all clamoring for some sort of hope. It was nice while he was in office that, although the media hated him, academia, entertainment, everyone hated him, it was nice to feel like there might be hope for the future of the country. It was nice to have pride in our country once again, even though if it’s just chanting USA at a sporting event, which again is a taste of what American life was for everyone. It was a little glimmer of what we used to just be.

Agreed. This is what MAGA is about. Another topic I enjoy discussing with you are of course conspiracy theories (we covered a few during our call for my podcast last year). You recently recorded a WRONG OPINION episode on Obama, his chef’s mysterious death, and his past gay lovers. Particularly loved your Manchurian Candidate reference in there.

I’ve always been into conspiracy theories. I don’t believe in all of them, like some people do – which is kind of what the powers-that-be want you to do as it muddies the waters, confuses people and makes them paranoid and distrustful of more or less everybody around them.

But one of the conspiracies I believe is that Obama was groomed for the presidency, and this is something I believed right before he was running for president, when he became very popular. I thought “This guy’s weird, he came out of nowhere, he’s not to be trusted”. My bullshit alarm was going off… And I wasn’t even a Republican. I wasn’t a Democrat, I was libertarian. But this was clearly not a real grassroots thing. He’s an actor. He even got training. He had a voice coach who was a black, semi-famous actor in Hollywood. You can look that up. I think Obama was groomed since birth. His mom was CIA, and I don’t think his dad was really the African guy. I think it was the Indonesian guy, he was a general or something. I don’t think he was born in the US, and they killed the lady who knew about the birth certificate. She was the only person who died on a very, very safe plane that crashed, a Cessna Grand Caravan, which my family used to have one of those. They’re insanely safe. Race relations were fine before Obama. I mean, they were kind of fine. But it did a whole 180 after that. The guy did the opposite of unifying the country.

What about Covid, when did you realize it was a PSYOP?

The Covid scam was interesting because in hindsight it was completely absurd. To be honest, when it was first happening, I bought it for the first couple of weeks. The only reason I did was because I got covid before anyone was talking about it other than Tucker. And it completely wiped me out. It was unlike anything I had ever gotten before. In retrospect, it did feel unnatural. I asked the doctor, “Do you think it’s Covid?” and they said, “I don’t know what that is.” It didn’t seem like this “plan”. You know, this Bill Gates-Fauci-World Economic Forum plan to overthrow Trump. I don’t know if it originally was that, but it became that very quickly, in a very savvy way. The masking and the lockdowns – once they started going aggressive with that, and once the whole world fell in line immediately, very quickly, it all unraveled. And you understood immediately if you were just paying attention what it was actually meant to be. It was a tool to overthrow Trump, to steal the election, and it was a massive test. A test to see if people would comply, which they did. In a world full of competent, strong men, this wouldn’t have been able to happen. But we live in a world full of cozy people, people who are not only in a perpetual state of adolescence, but in a perpetual state of coziness and comfort. They were welcoming the lockdowns. They’re like, “Ah, it’s gonna be a little break”. Oh, okay, so you don’t see what’s coming. You’re that pacified.

Tell us more about your temporary relocation to Costa Rica, and how you navigated the plandemic while starting a young family.

I relocated my wife and son to Costa Rica about two years ago so we could be closer to my parents (we live in the same building as them, right on the beach). It’s been nice but I don’t see us staying here forever. I’d love to go back to the States but with everything being how it is, I’m not sure specifically where we would move back to. I feel like a nomad, but I’d like to feel tied to my country. I wish I could call it my home. A part of me would love to live in an old European town, somewhere walkable with rich history and traditional beauty. We’ll see.

The fake pandemic was actually beneficial for me, not because I got rich off of it like many people I know, but because that’s when I decided to marry my wife. You can take any terrible situation and flip it around. Another positive outcome regarding Covid was that it reignited my hatred and skepticism towards experts. I’ve never like them but I rarely questioned health ones because I didn’t realize how political health had become. Just like Trump exposing the media for being completely fake and gay, covid exposed health experts as being nothing but snake-oil salesmen. If Covid had never happened, my two children would have been vaccinated and I would hate to think about what the possible repercussions would have been.

Undoubtedly having children changes everything in one’s life, let alone during such times. How has it impacted the work you do?

Having kids has made me way more hyper-focused with everything going on. Once you have a family you are in charge of one small unit standing up against globohomo. You are what they hate. You have skin in the game. Everything is at stake. I wrote a little e-book called The Manual as a guide for young men and how they should and can navigate our gay modern world. It’s a great tool for my son just in case I did prematurely. Essentially, it’s the guidance that I would’ve wanted when I was 18 as I mentioned earlier.

Along with what you’ve written in The MANUAL, which MAN’S WORLD readers will no doubt enjoy, can you tell us what is masculinity to you in a nutshell?

Masculinity is simple. Never let the demoralization campaign win, there are always ways to navigate and outmaneuver the modern world. Be a shield for your family.

You’re also preparing a version of The MANUAL for women, following the birth of your daughter just a few months ago. Can you give us a little teaser of what you will be covering in that e-book?

The manosphere focuses on bettering men. So I am not seeing many self-help people release anything substantial for women. Maybe it takes a man’s perspective to help in a positive way. I want to tell women and my daughter later on to go for the guy who is assertive and confident, but not a dick. Many men make the mistake of being an asshole because they think that’s what women want. What many don’t realize is that you can be assertive and a nice guy at the same time, and that’s the balance you need to achieve. If you’re a woman that’s what you should look for, and if you’re a guy that’s what you should aspire to be.

From our conversations and your video, we also seem to share an interest in survivalism and preparedness for what’s ahead. How are you prepping for the next few years?

It’s really hard to plan, honestly. We’re in Costa Rica right now, where we have a farm and animals so for the time being that’s a nice way to be as self-sustainable as possible. But I couldn’t bring my guns. I left my firearms with my brother in Los Angeles and feel naked without them here. Crime is kind of getting bad because of the open borders in the United States. People are pouring into Costa Rica on their way to the US, and some stay here. So there are consequences to Joe Biden’s presidency that we feel in Costa Rica as well.

I kind of wish Bukele, El Salvador’s president, just took over all of Central America. That’d be great. And then just call himself emperor. The people in power here don’t seem to be doing anything to combat that kind of stuff, because just like in the States, they’ll arrest someone and release them back on the streets later on. The only thing I know about the next few years is that I don’t think we’ll be living in Costa Rica. I just don’t know where we’ll be. It’s going to be very hard to figure out where, because it’s very hard to predict where things are going. In a just world, Trump wins easily 2024, and then he’s able to do his job as the president. But as we saw in 2016, it’s impossible. Even if he wins, it’s going be difficult for him to operate. So I don’t know. I always say that if my wife and I were orphans and we didn’t have our extended family, we would probably be living in a beautiful, walkable city in Italy. There’s nowhere in the world right now that’s stable. So you just have pick and choose what you’re willing to sacrifice in order to have some sort of stability. Italy has its own problems, but there are beautiful, walkable, old cities that seem great. So I would like that.

You’re also into health and diet, and aware of the perverted science around food — like many of us MAN’S WORLD readers.

Well, I trust the right-wing anons on Twitter, rather than the news or science or anyone who pushes the food pyramid. I’ve learned a lot from right-wing anons. I never knew about beef liver for example until people like Sol Brah, Carnivore Aurelius, and Paul Saladino – who’s not an anon or I don’t even know if he’s right wing or anything – but they all started talking about these things, and also Raw Egg Nationalist, who was talking about slonking and the benefits of eggs. You hear all these so-called studies about how these foods are bad for you, and then you’re like, no, they’re not. Because if you’re like me, you like to use your body as a science experiment and test these things out, and not only do they work, but you realize these sorts of foods are medicine. That’s how powerful they are. We’re taught since birth to look at food as something that is just supposed to taste good and that you can enjoy like a form of entertainment, which it is, because going out to eat is a social thing and humans are social animals. But what they never, ever teach you is that food is medicine. If you don’t have nutrient dense food when you’re growing up and just don’t know that’s the purpose of food, once you have it after not having it, it’s almost like you’ve been fasting your whole life. And then when you have a piece of liver, which is disgusting, or oysters, that’s so nutrient-dense you actually feel the power and you’re like, “Wait, I didn’t know that you could feel that power from food!” I thought you could only feel the effects of stimulants from caffeine, or nicotine which I think is good for you, or from an energy drink. I didn’t know you could feel stimulated like a drug from food. So I started listening to people whose credentials I don’t really know, but who made sense. And that’s again about going with your gut. I’ve never once needed to see any sort of studies done by any of these people like Raw Egg Nationalist; although he does have threads on Twitter that document it all. I don’t even read them ’cause I’m like, “Okay, yeah, eggs are good”. I don’t need to know why you’re right, the ingredient is egg. I get it, I understand.

Aside from your insights we can find in The MANUAL, do you have any parting words of wisdom you’d like to share with the MAN’S WORLD community?

Get married and make as many babies as possible. Never ever get a divorce.

And finally, what else is in store for you, where can we find your content and how can we support your work?

Gumroad is the best place ( I have my show there. Because of the work I’m doing in Los Angeles now, I’m only doing my show on Gumroad once a week, but it’s still really, really good. It’s quality over quantity in my opinion. My eBooks are on there as well. All of that helps. I’m also live on Saturdays on, and that’s basically it. The thing I’m working on in Los Angeles, I can’t really talk about just yet, but I think it’s going be interesting and I am going to get hate from all sides. That actually happened recently, I got hate from all sides because of a tweet that has over 30 million views. Conservatives were going after me, liberals were going after me – everyone was going after me. It’s kind of interesting because I think it’s gonna happen more when people find out what I’ve been working on in Los Angeles. But I just don’t care though. I’ve never been a part of a side or group. I’m on the side of who I align with philosophically and politically, but I’m not a part of a group and I’ve never really been a part of a group. And I do see value in groups, but what we have now, for the most part, it’s like a weird, synthetic fake version of what being a part of a group used to be. At least the Proud Boys meet up in real life, but most of these other groups are online. It’s for people who just live online and I can’t imagine like men’s groups of a hundred years ago or more being happy with what we’ve built nowadays. So I can’t be bothered with being a part of a specific group. Not only because if I’m a part of a specific group, I am tied to the sins of the group and I don’t want to, because, if I agree with a group, but I disagree with them about one thing, that’s still gonna be stuck on me, you know? I have a family also, I don’t need a group.

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