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Know Your Enemy

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Know Your Enemy

The logic of wartime propaganda and emotionalism will predictably and unfortunately work on many, including those on the right, and those who imagine themselves tough. They will feel called on to take a position on “national interest,” on the protection of the homeland, even on the salutary effects of war on national passions, all old and often good arguments I’ve invoked myself int he past. But the greatest national interest is in the end of NATO, and of the occupational elites of the USA and the EU, goals with which we are aligned with Russia. This is why many of us support Putin in this venture, and those European nationalists and American conservatives who disagree with us in good faith, I am writing this brief note to explain ourselves.

When I look at the condition of west Europe now after 70 years of American vassalage I don’t see sovereign countries, I see places where the population has by force been replaced to such an extent that a young German is now a minority in his own age group in his own country. The Soviets were chimp brutal oppressors, looted, shot, did many bad things. But look at East Europe now – they didn’t replace the people. The people in west Europe were replaced. And it’s not just about the white race, because the same is happening to South Korea: it is simply the most cruel method of rule by the gang that has overthrown America, where they are using it on their own people–to replace nations in their own lands, to introduce tribalism, racial hatred, in the mistaken belief they will profit off of this. To these methods have been added now another still more cruel, of the transsexual movement which is quickly heading to where the state is able to claim ownership of children and castrate boys without consent of parents, which has already begun to happen in certain few places, but will only accelerate.

These two methods are the most brutal used by the most brutal Oriental despotisms and tyrannies, and they were not and are not being used by the Russians. We know Putler is corrupt and self-interested, but as long as he’s the only one giving resistance to this cabal that has overthrown the western governments, we will support him. In the case of Ukraine, this place is being used as a base of great value to this cabal: they are able to launder money to themselves, intelligence, and use it as a staging ground for operations like the Russia Hoax and the January 6 false flag attack on congress. They must be deprived of this base. Putin seems to have neither the intentions nor the ability to occupy Ukraine: his aims are ours, to deprive the cabal of this base.

For this reason we support his attack, and I ask those on the right including Ukrainian frogs: your lives and property and women are being dispossessed by this gang, right now, in brutal and direct way, and not by Putin who is trying to stop them (for whatever reasons of his own)–why are you out of reflex defending them? The calculations of “defense of homeland” and so on–how can it apply here, when your governments and institutions are subverted and being used against you? If Ukraine frogs dislike Russian troops on their sacred soil, this is understandable, but why would you be OK with NATO troops and a government that is being used as cumrag by this senile puppet “president” of America and whoever is behind him? If you were to rise up, overthrow your puppet president, and declare yourselves a free European state standing against both Russia and America in the original style, you would be in the right, and in fact I would come there myself and I would gather many volunteers for you. But as it is, your sense of honor is being subverted by trannie clowns, the spiritual heirs of John Wayne Gacy.

They won’t help you, but they do want you to die ostentatiously so that they can parade your bodies on Talmudvisions across Europe and incite emotions against their hated Putler: who they hate not because he oppresses you, but because they couldn’t do to Russia what they’ve done now to Germoney and Belgium. To the East Europeans who believe they can withstand both Russia and the rot that is imposed by this cabal, no you can’t. In relatively short time 10-15 years you will see it is too late to oppose NATO and America – I hate to say America because it’s not America, but the gang that has subverted its government. You will realize too late that they’ve taken your “elites,” your media, your security services, and that at that point you will be in the position of the Canadian truckers now. Your zombi governments will open the floodgates to Afreaka while you have been caponized and hypnotized. You will see too late that you were only some one decade and a couple of elections behind your youth also being made strangers in their own homes and prey to foreigners. The hatred of Russia, a signature of your old that they passed on to some of you, will be used to hypnotize you to the far greater enemy that is already well advanced in subverting your governments and cultures. They seek to take from you not territory or access to consumer goods, but rather everything: your property, your women, and all of your freedoms. The despotism that they impose is far beyond anything Russia ever did.

This is not place to suggest tactic but maybe you look into what Mongolia is doing: they play off Chyna and Russia against each other while trying to become strong themselves. If you truly distrust Russia, work with Finland and your neighbors to form a pact, but until you go your own way; but now you’re on your way to being subverted by this cabal, who is our only target, and against who we’re ready to make an alliance with almost anyone. And Putin at least says he’s Christian, he’s pro-family, and he’s pro-European (or so he says) and he acknowledges Russia has been abusive in the past, which indicates he doesn’t plan to repeat mistakes of Soviets. You can distrust him, but the fruits of cabal rule are manifest in Germoney, Belgium, etc., and this is your near future as well.

This message is intended then to East Euros and also to American conservative nationalists, who are actually both in similar positions, where they believe they can live on unmolested by the cabal in charge of Washington and the European capitals; and also continue as if this was 1935 and they were mobilizing in the name of national honor against Russian imperialism. You don’t realize how weak and powerless you are.

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Man’s World in Print

MAN’S WORLD is now available, for the very first time, as a high-quality printed magazine. Across 200 glorious pages, you’ll find everything that made the digital magazine the sensation that it was – the best essays, the most brilliant new fiction, interviews, art, food, sex, fitness – and so much more.

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