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Long Live Liberty!


Long Live Liberty!

A sun rises from the south beaming forth 32 rays of liberty. Set in motion by Javier Gerardo Milei, the herald of moderate centrist anarcho-capitalism, it shines a light into the terrible darkness that has shrouded Argentina for so long. Milei’s solutions to my country’s plight are simple common sense: lowering taxes, cutting off state overreach, ending nepotism and clientelism, imprisoning criminals – and nuking the Central Bank.

Many might believe that advancing rhetoric about fighting socialism and championing the “free world” is a rehash of Cold War debates and ideas whose relevance has been deemed null by the marketplace long ago. They would be wrong for two reasons. First of all, western countries are using their powerful states to command anti-White policies. Second, this very same state power can only ever exist due to the White population giving more than they take while keeping the state machinery running smoothly. A level playing field means the criollos take their land back and the welfare state stops coddling her developmentally challenged adopted Amerindian kid.

Socialism is always and everywhere a chthonic phenomenon. All its forms are like that, and the present day Argentinian Perónist/Kirchnerist one is no different. Higher beings ache for fresh air, away from enclosed spaces heavy with the fumes of communal pots dripping with polenta. What makes Kirchnerism more insulting is that it retains the trappings of nationalism, although its use of them is clearly cynical. The appeal to nation amounts to nothing more than anger against and belittling of things European and an exaltation of “racialized bodies” and their folkways. Functionally it’s no different from any other POC ideology. Most Latin American nationalisms have the same problem. Nobody needs to be a social Darwinist to understand that libertarianism will free the smart and beautiful from the yoke of a state that hates them.

As far as the eye of history can see, a conflict between pre-Columbian and White populations has been the backdrop of whatever happened in Argentine territory. Since Independence, and even before that, the criollo elite knew this obvious reality impacted the country’s capacity to bear civilization and achieve greatness. Lest the nation tumble down to languid barbarity, they enshrined European immigration in the Constitution, conquered the Patagonian desert and attempted a solution to the Indian problem. Now this evident fact is not only denounced as a lingering injustice, but history’s exegetes in the hispanosphere go one step further and deny the existence of race entirely, for its conception as anything besides a prejudiced social construct is outside the Overton window in Argentina, as it is elsewhere. Still, the reality remains that only one group of people is competent enough to pay the bills for everyone else.

An unshackling of enterprise and ambition will see cunning young men come out on top, as is always the case when merit is the only thing accounted for. And not when they’re bridled by 167 different taxes, female and “neo-female” quotas, housing regulations, strikers being a protected class, etc. Dismantling the social and economic designs of Kirchnerism will put a stop to the mass democratic logic whose final end is an enormous influx of immigrants across the northern borders. High IQ high-value Whites will stop being the unwilling patrons of a conquered people, and Milei’s promise to deport all foreign criminals could be the start of a national or regional trend towards remigration. The invisible hand will put the political caste in a chokehold like a vagrant on the NYC subway. Taxpayers will cheer as they watch.

Setting aside Perón’s goodwill and bridge-building with anti-Bolshevist fighters, which I’m eternally grateful for, his internal migration strategy proved to be gangrenous for the national body. His use of negros cabezas, newly arrived from the inner provinces, as pawns against the people that built up the country, set the pattern for the development of his party into its current state. This is the cursed legacy of Perón, which conservative Perónists happily claim. (The current president’s Elagabalan “son” dresses up like PIKACHU and tries to enact abuses whose nature only God knows and can punish fully…)

Perónism exercised almost uninterrupted control of the Senate from 1983 to 2021. Last month its supporters suffered the biggest electoral loss in their history and despite that defeat being only a primary election, a survey of sorts, it helps us predict the outcome of the one that counts and will decide the future of South America. An unheralded third place for the Perónists in the primary could very well be a disaster from which the advocates of biomass migration can never recover, forcing them to decide whether to continue financing the corruption of the nation’s stock or to attack the White Argentinian man in a much more direct manner, to prevent him exercising his birthright at last.

Besides damaging the agents of the São Paulo Forum, the official Latin American GNC organization, this preliminary win for the libertarian party was also a blow to the wishy-washy tranny-loving fright-wing opposition that has governed the country’s capital since 2007. The presidential candidate of the limp anti-Perónist coalition “Juntos por el Cambio” is Patricia Bullrich. Born into a traditional aristocratic family, this woman assisted in at least two kidnapping attempts by the left-wing terrorist group Montoneros, which she became involved in through her membership in the Perónist Youth and her sister’s relationship with the terrorist leader. But Bullrich has left her subversive guerrilla days behind, maybe thanks to her happy marriage with Guillermo Yanco, the vice-president of the Buenos Aires Holocaust museum.

Javier Milei is harnessing ancient powers unto him… Word is, tantric practices allow him to withhold his plenitude for up to months at a time, driving romantic partners mad. He’s styling his sideburns as a nod to the crypto-muslim that served as a president during the nineties boom period. He knows he must physically mog his opponents. This and 540 more things that we’re not privy to might just be necessary to restore the forgotten art of judicious fiscal policy. Undoubtedly, esoteric Hinduism is where the electrifying energy of his speeches comes from and why he inspires fanaticism in so many young men, some of whom can be seen flying Gadsden flags in a country that, formerly, never held a popular libertarian tradition. Women also seem to be scared he will strip away their rights – which, frankly, just sounds like flirting at this point.

Anyways, if he wins, and honours the campaign promises, and if he swears an oath of total annihilation in the name of Vishnu, lower prices may finally allow our Argentinian gamers to buy graphic cards with stickers bearing a certain Hindu symbol that signifies prosperity, as a seal of approval given by the customs department in endorsement of the end of tax shakedowns.

Long live liberty!

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Man’s World in Print

MAN’S WORLD is now available, for the very first time, as a high-quality printed magazine. Across 200 glorious pages, you’ll find everything that made the digital magazine the sensation that it was – the best essays, the most brilliant new fiction, interviews, art, food, sex, fitness – and so much more.

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