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The Pursuit of Power


The Pursuit of Power

The course of history is dictated by men with swords. The will to shape the world is built upon a will to violence. Men who possess this know it from birth. They seek to discharge their strength above all else. The fascination for it fills their youth and never dissipates. The world today is an iron prison built to suppress this will however it can, to neuter it entirely or leash it to causes undeserving. The oligarchs that built this prison want to see history ended. History never ends. Their world is built on sand. It stands against nature, it stands against life, it stands against the will to power. The men who hear destiny know that it cannot stand. When it falls, who will stand in its place?

The end of empires come as a thief in the night. It cannot be predicted, only prepared for. A new order does not emerge spontaneously. The Franks, the Patriots, the Bolsheviks all existed prior to the opportunity. It is not enough to hope for victory when the chance comes, we must be ready to seize it. Readiness is the child of discipline, of the body, of the mind, of the spirit. We must also maintain a discipline of comradery. A new order can only be built upon a basis of honor, truth, and loyalty. Unity of purpose is the engine of real history. A singular goal and a singular vision. If we are lucky enough to take part in history, we must be worthy of it. If we want to shine like the sun, first we must burn like it.

Discipline of the mind is the most critical attribute necessary to a victorious strategy. It begins with exorcizing the phantoms of the past and the ghosts of previous awakenings. Emotion and sentimentality cannot cloud rational judgment and hobble success. We cannot be held captive by appeals to misplaced duty or adventure. Our duty is to history, our adventure awaits us at the decisive moment. Every action must be made in service of success. Commitment to anything other than victory is a willing embrace of defeat. Party, ideology, personality are all second to this ultimate goal. The only purity is found in power; history does not remember the piety of the powerless.

We are unified by a recognition of the emptiness of this world, and we are unified by an innate yearning for something more. We are not alone in either of these things, even with the great many content with slavery. The new order must be forged from a greater unity, a loyalty towards one another. It can only be made of a real brotherhood. It is up to us to build it. It is not our open enemies who will damn us, but those who wear our colors and repeat our maxims. Rhetoric can be faked; only genuine friendship is true. Bonded together, our phalanx can stand against any opponent and withstand any horde. With this bronze brotherhood we will shatter the iron prison. This is the first step towards our destiny.

We must make ourselves as useful to one another as possible. What this means for each of us is unique to the individual. If your talents direct yourself towards standing institutions, do not be afraid to enter them. These positions are the most valuable asset we have. The military, the police, the political apparatus both large and local, industry, business, all these enable us to pursue our goals with more options on a broader front. If you are driven by a creative passion, write, paint, sculpt the art that will give shape to the beauty of our vision. If the bonds of family and fatherhood appeal to you, live for them. A strong family is the foundation of all great states. Know that whatever life you choose, it will always be precarious. You must operate like a spy in the belly of the beast; that is what we are. The only path that must be rebuked is that of isolation. We cannot flee to the countryside, we cannot abandon the world, we cannot hope to be left alone. Retreat is not an option.

We are the caste of warriors that will serve as the vanguard of this new order. Our mandate is from destiny, but our authority will come from the people. We cannot allow ourselves to be ghettoed away from them. Populism is the only tool we have available to us, but with it we can usurp the levers of power. We cannot limit ourselves to specific mechanisms, elections, demonstrations, or any other tactic. Instead, we must analyze each option, their risks and their chances of success, and pursue whatever will work at a given time in given circumstances. Whatever moves us closer to victory is good, in this there is no difference between incremental and instantaneous change. It does not matter how radical our vision is, what matters is outmanoeuvring the regime on the field of popular opinion. If ideological rhetoric stands in our way, discard it without a second thought. It does not compromise our goals to speak in a way that inspires more than ourselves. If we are true to ourselves and true to the cause of ultimate victory, we will maintain the advantage of Truth, and the Lord of Lies cannot defeat that. Every attempt by the regime to coopt the will of the people must be countered decisively. Our will must become their will.

We can count ourselves among the luckiest generations, and that luck must be guarded at all costs. We have the opportunity to shape the next century according to our will. When the moment comes, we will only have one chance at it. Every second until then must be used to strengthen ourselves for that opportunity. Revolution hangs in the cumulative moments, each building on the next, and it can be lost with the slightest hesitation. Against us stands the most formidable regime to ever exist. Never has more destructive power been wielded by the most undeserving cabal of invalids. Global psychological operations are executed daily in front of our eyes. Censorship silences entire populations with the flip of a switch. Mass surveillance observes our every waking moment. This is our blessing. The greater the difficulty, the more the glory in surmounting it. If we are to conquer it, we must calculate every step, and we must view the world with the coldest rationality. We must embrace ruthless pragmatism. Patience and preparation are the pen with which we will write our history. This is how we win.

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Man’s World in Print

MAN’S WORLD is now available, for the very first time, as a high-quality printed magazine. Across 200 glorious pages, you’ll find everything that made the digital magazine the sensation that it was – the best essays, the most brilliant new fiction, interviews, art, food, sex, fitness – and so much more.

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